17.2. Eros Of Sound

photo: Juliane Stiegele


EROS OF SOUND // MUSIC & MEDITATION // Stille - Klang - Rhythmus - Achtsamkeit

Jürgen Grözinger, gongs, drums, & other instruments


The Music & Meditation series is dedicated to the interplay of sound, experience, meditation and consciousnes

The experience of sound is an essential dimension of human perception and self-realization. Across cultures and spiritual traditions, music has always served as a medium to explore and attain transcendence.

Certain types of music appear particularly suitable to stimulate meditative processes. For instance, music not only evokes emotions, which may be processed through meditative practices; but music also exemplifies the vital principle of impermanence through the deliberate rising and passing away of audible phenomena. At the same time, meditation can lead to a higher awareness of different levels of perception, which invites a more subtle experience of sound and music.

The Music & Meditation series offers a space to explore the meditative and transcendent in and through sound. The goal of the series is not only to evoke certain contemplative experiences but also to engage in discussion and experimentat

Every second Friday, varying musicians present their personal approach to Music & Meditation, representing a broad range of musical traditions, philosophies, techniques and instruments. Following the shared experience of meditative music, the audience is invited to engage in a dialogue that connects metaphysical views and scientific perspectives.


12.2.2017 / 19h Saarbrücker Str 6, Berlin / please ring here: „FM&N7


more info: www.forumformeditation.com/